PCH elephant seals

12 06 2013


There’s a stop just off PCH past Cambria where you can see elephant seals.

I’m glad I decided to pull off. They’re so beautiful. I loved it when they talked to one another, flipped dirt on themselves, sparred and, most of all, scratched their bellies with their flippers. Even these grand imposing animals can look silly when they do this. It makes me feel better about all the times I, as a small clumsy human, have looked silly – and believe me, there have been many times.

Right now it’s mostly teenage males and their mothers, who are molting – presumably for mating season; the males will here in a month or so to get it ON!


There’s a sign that says not to feed or disturb the animals, and they’re not kidding around. I found this camera pointed at the tourist area – beware, you’re being watched.

(P.S. yay for random wifi so I could upload this post I wrote a few hours ago!)




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